Good Omens

Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Afternoon...
Is dull dull dull, and with only half an hour til I'm due to go home I thought I'd write my first "proper" entry - well providing that the company net nanny doesn't cut me off half way through!

Well as soon as I blow this fascist popsicle joint I'm off to pick up my Dad. He stopped over at my house the other week when we went out for his 60th birthday, and cause of the restrictions at his place of work, he had to leave the bag with me. He's off on holiday tomorrow (lucky thing) so he's going to need it back, I thought if I picked him up from work I could chauffeur him home and spend some quality stuck-in-traffic time with my Pops.

Not sure if he'll enjoy his holiday, he's going to the East coast - which was the place him and my mum used to go. Mum died suddenly in July and it's hitting Dad hard. I had to arrange the funeral and all the details that go with it, so I think the reality of it is only just starting to catch up with me. But enough about me, this current ramble is about my Dad. Who is lovely and who I feel so intensely guilty over because I can't just wave a magic wand and make everything better for him. Everyone tells me I have to be cruel to be kind and let him have his own space - but I'd move him in with me if I could, just to know he isn't alone. It'll get easier, everyone tells me so, but I guess we'll have to see.

Twenty minutes to go now and the office is like a greenhouse - have a good weekend y'all!

Hello There!

I suppose everybody does this as their first post - but stop by again later and I'll make sure there's more content for you to read! At the moment I'm sat at work, trying to while away the two hours til home time and digesting the battered cod I had for lunch (well it is Friday after all!)

So what did you have lunch? Presuming you're reading this.....which I don't think many people will....